A Journey of 3,000 Miles Begins with a Single Job Offer

We believe doing something challenging and important doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.”

-Simply Hired

I’m launching a job-search 3,000 miles away from the city where I want to live.  This is going to be a bit of a challenge. However, as Lao-tzu once said, “A journey of 3,000 miles begins with a single job offer” (of course, I’m paraphrasing a little).

Part of the problem is that I currently have a good, stable job (yes, I do realize that this is a more of a blessing than an actual problem). The reason I view that as a hindrance rather than a help is because my job standards are high.

It would have been easier for me to move when I was younger and on shakier career ground. It’s easier to give up everything you have when you have little to lose.  Back then, I could’ve crashed on friends’ couches and floors, gotten a temp assignment and lived on ramen noodles and optimism.

Now, I don’t think my back could handle too many days of couch and floor stays and I have too many financial responsibilities to give up a stable job for a temp gig.

Therefore, my main challenge will be securing a job before I move to San Francisco.  Job-hunting is stressful under any circumstance but living out-of-state makes it even trickier.

Fortunately, modern technology makes a cross-country job search manageable.  Searching for jobs online in another state is no more challenging than searching online for jobs in my current city.  Most job-hunting sites allow you to choose the city to search in –  instead of clicking “Boston”, I click on “San Francisco”.  And appropriately, a lot of the companies who will be helping in my mission to relocate to San Francisco are located in the San Francisco Bay area.

Happily, I discovered that Simply Hired features a tool specifically geared to relocaters. The Local Jobs features gives an overview of the economy and job situation, along with statistics on average salaries, commute times and even the proportion of single to married people in the city.

The company’s mission statement really resonates with me  – “Simply Hired is a fun, energetic company with a passion for developing great products, and for doing things a little differently”  – especially since I usually do things a little differently too. And they often turn out better than I’d ever anticipated.

Every time I start to worry about the outcome of this adventure, I’m going to remind myself that I’m doing something important and challenging – and even though I’m not yet sure of the final destination,  I’m going to enjoy the ride.


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