California, Here I Come!

January in Boston is like a punch in the stomach.

Not only is it cold, there’s a noticeable lack of holiday decorations to brighten things up. Since I just can’t bear the thought of spending yet another January watching my breath freeze before my eyes and checking the Weather Channel app and saying things like “It’s gonna be a warm day – it’s going all the way up to 22 degrees!”

So,  I’ve decided to take the leap and buy a plane ticket to San Francisco (you know things are bad when the thought of a drizzly 50 something winter day sounds like paradise!)

My plan is to spend a few weeks networking and trying out lots of food trucks!

Pacific Heights 3


4 thoughts on “California, Here I Come!

  1. So?? Are you here yet? I moved to the bay area about 6 weeks ago leaving the cold Indiana winter in the dust. 50 and drizzle is delightful!

    • Hi Pam! I’m so sorry for the delayed response to your comment! I just got back from the whirlwind trip to SF (where I didn’t spend nearly enough time online and therefore I’ve woefully neglected my poor little blog – though there’s tons to write about it and I really need to catch up!). If all goes according to plan, I should be flying back on Feb. 17th to start working 🙂

      When I was there, people kept saying it was “cold” – but the weather felt downright delightful to me!

      I hope you’re loving the Bay area – maybe we can meet up for coffee at some point!

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