Good Omens and Creme Brulee

I wake up happy and excited to be in San Francisco – until I realiz that I have an appointment at a temp agency and I’ll have to put on a suit.

Putting on a suit and going to an employment agency is guaranteed to ruin my morning no matter what city I’m in. And it’s definitely not a good way to start a vacation. But since this trip is part vacation/part networking and job-hunting, I realize I’ll have to suck it up and pile on the polyester.

I get dressed quickly, rush to catch the bus and during the half-hour ride, ponder if I’m doing the right thing. Uprooting myself and leaving a stable permanent job to look for temp work in a new city is kinda crazy – even if it’s a city I’ve always been fascinated with and admired from afar.

creme brulee

Am I doing the right thing by settling for another administrative position when I was determined to make my next job a writing position? Should I really be moving to San Francisco?

I step off the bus and all these worries dissolve like caramelized sugar when I see my first good omen – the crème brulee cart. This famous food truck, full of creamy goodness, had been on the top of my San Francisco to-do list – right after, you know, getting a job. But I didn’t expect it to greet me the minute I stepped off the bus.  I run up to the cart, order a chocolate crème brulee, take a bite and realize that the truck being there is a sign that everything is going to be ok.


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